10 Headlines That Get You More Clicks

Developing effective headlines can be challenging. You often only have a limited amount of time, space and words to grab someone’s attention in that very first instance. So what can you do to ensure you are writing headlines that get clicks? Below we share some winning formulas with examples that you can use to make your headlines more click-worthy.

Think about what makes you click on an article or open an email. Chances are it's the enticing, attention-grabbing headline. It has sparked your interest and generated intrigue.

Therefore, if you are struggling to get your blog posts read, emails opened or ads clicked on, then maybe your headlines are not working.

A powerful headline can vastly improve the traffic to your content. Interestingly, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually click through and read the rest of the content.

So what's the key to headlines that get more clicks?

A click-worthy headline sparks curiosity, and immediately captures (and then keeps) your reader's attention. Getting someone to click through to your content is essential to increase your conversions. But creating that catchy marketing hook is a trickier task than it sounds.

Recent studies show the average human attention span is just 8 seconds, so in a sea of content, you don't have long for your reader to take notice. For this reason, good headlines are typically concise, clear, specific and compelling. 

The importance of headlines that get clicks

Here are 10 headline formulas to help you get more eyes on your content and products:

Infographic 10 Headlines To Get More Clicks
click worthy headlines

Let's dive into some examples:

1. How to:

e.g. How to sleep better
People love to learn things. 'How to' is one of the most popular search phrases that people use in YouTube to learn more.

2. Question:

e.g. Is Paleo or Vegan better for your health?
By asking a question, someone naturally wants to know the answer.

3. Why:

e.g. Why headlines are the answer to getting more clicks

4. Secrets:

e.g. The secret ingredient that helps you to lose weight
We always want to know about a good secret, right? 😉

5. Mistakes:

e.g. 7 mistakes every new business owner makes & how to avoid them
We all tend to want to know if we are making a mistake, so this one can work particularly well.

6. Protection:

e.g. Use this to protect your website from getting hacked

Capture Attention
write effective headlines

7. Quick and easy:

e.g. Your quick and easy blueprint to getting more energy from your food
Most of us are time poor, so seeing something like this means we know we'll get access to something that will help us get to the result we want, fast.

8. Lists:

e.g. 5 steps to finding your soul mate
This is one of the most popular ones. It's because it is specific. You know exactly what you will get. Put a number in front of the subject you're talking about - for example, 6 ways, 8 strategies, 10 tips, etc - and people will click because they know they will get that exact amount!

9. Do this:

e.g. Do this if you want to sell your house
Just fill in the gap for the thing that your target market wants from you. This one can help to give your content a sense of urgency and authority.

10. Did you know:

e.g. Did you know that we also have a package where you can save 20%?
Using 'did you know' in front of something attracts someone to find out what they might be missing. It can be a great way to create 'FOMO' (the fear of missing out).

headlines to get more clicks

Now it's your turn. Take one of these formulas, or a combination, and use it in your next email subject line, social media post or blog post title.

And for extra tips on getting your content and products seen by more people, check out our article on how to get more traffic for your blog.