The 3 Marketing Hooks that work for almost everyone

Did you know you might be missing the mark in your marketing with 2/3 of your audiences if you are not talking about what you sell in these 3 ways?

Here are 3 simple marketing “hooks”, or conversations you can have that will resonate with the majority of your market.

These messages can be used in your social media posts, on your web pages and in your emails.

You can combine them or just create different pieces of content using only one type of message. Test to see what works best for you!

Marketing Message Type #1:
Show your market you care about them. Appeal to their emotions around the problem you are trying to solve. Use language like “Are you frustrated with (insert the problem you are solving here)” or “We know how you feel.”

Marketing Message Type #2:
Share the specifics - stats, guarantees, ingredients, price, etc. In other words speak to the logical type of person.

Marketing Message Type #3:
Show or explain what it would be like to use your product or service. Get them to picture being a customer of yours by explaining what they can expect.

Just because you might prefer 1 way of talking does not mean everyone wants to hear about what you sell in that same way.

The next time you create a post or email try using a different “hook”.