#59: Annette Lackovic: Why health and wellness needs to be a priority, and where to start

"If I am going through burnout....what's actually helping everyone else?"

Heather is joined by Annette, aka Netty D, a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurship about the importance of taking care of our internal world in order to create a magnificent life. They dive into the importance of internal wellness and how it impacts every aspect of our lives. Annette, shares her insights on how focusing on our health, gut, and sleep can make a huge difference in how we show up in our businesses and personal lives. 

Here are three key takeaways:

1️⃣The power of positivity

2️⃣Your body is your ecosystem

3️⃣Green brain and effective communication

If you want to dive deeper make sure to check out Annette's “Herpreneur” podcast.


Episode at a glance..

[00:04:33] Meditation and self-care practices.
[00:09:13] Managing stress and performance.
[00:13:07] Results from the framework.
[00:15:42] The excitement of sales.
[00:28:26] Women in business mentoring.
[00:34:17] Your body is your business.
[00:38:16] Female entrepreneurship journey.


Annette's Links:

About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Annette Lackovic

Annette Lackovic, a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience, is the co- founder of the Sales Institute of Australia, a two-time international business award winner and speaker. Annette is also a qualified fitness and functional nutrition expert. What sets her apart is her passion for both business and wellness. She is the founder of Herpreneur, her passion project committed to creating high-performing female entrepreneurs. Through her speaking engagements and programs, she brings together the worlds of business and wellness, helping women not just succeed, but truly thrive.

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