#91: Matt Raad: Buying and selling websites as a wealth building strategy

"I made it a point of getting to know millionaires and millionaire business people."

In this conversation, Matt Raad discusses the themes of overwhelm and burnout that he has noticed in today's world. He shares his own journey of creating a unique lifestyle business and provides tips for dealing with moments of high growth and stress. Matt explains the process of buying and selling websites and shares case studies of successful website renovations. He shares his own journey of achieving his goals and emphasizes the need for hard work and mindset work. 



  • Overwhelm and burnout are common themes in today's world, particularly since COVID-19.
  • Having a clear vision and understanding your why are important for dealing with overwhelm and burnout.
  • Websites can be a recessionary protector and a good alternative for business owners.
  • Setting goals and having a clear vision is crucial for success.
  • Hard work and mindset work are essential in achieving goals.
  • There is no such thing as overnight success; it takes time and effort.


At a glance..

02:09 Themes of Overwhelm and Burnout
08:09 Matt's Background and Journey
16:09 Case Study: Buying and Selling Websites
28:28 Who Can Benefit from the Course
34:08 Where to Learn More
35:00 Achieving Goals and Setting a Vision
37:39 The Importance of Reviewing and Adjusting Your Vision

About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Matt Raad

Matt Raad has used a very unconventional method to create financial freedom in his life, starting from zero and building a high cashflow portfolio of semi-passive online assets.

Both he and his wife Liz Raad are website investors, which means they use digital assets to generate cashflow and wealth. They were one of the first in the world to realise that they could buy websites, renovate them like real estate, and then sell or keep them for cashflow

These days they love teaching online beginners and especially burnt-out corporates how to reach 6 & 7 figure website portfolios using a similar strategy to buying & renovating traditional real estate.

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