#67: Kathy Rhodes: The formula to stop undervaluing yourself

"I am really clear about my NO list"

Heather welcomes guest Kathy Rhodes to discuss how to maintain a state of happiness while experiencing growth in business. Kathy shares her philosophy of "monk state happiness" and explains the importance of eradicating and managing stress. She offers tips for staying grounded and maintaining a positive mindset during times of growth.

If you're looking for meaningful success and want to learn how to be anti-hustle, this episode is for you. Don't miss out on Kathy's valuable advice and tips.


Episode at a glance..

[00:01:36] Maintaining a monk state of happiness.
[00:04:23] Setting boundaries with clients.
[00:09:24] Female thought leaders.
[00:11:28] One-on-one deep connections.
[00:16:22] Conversion rate optimization.
[00:19:10] Starting a podcast.


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About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Kathy Rhodes

Kathy Rhodes, renowned as The Thought Alchemist, boasts nearly two decades of corporate strategy and marketing expertise. Having navigated intricate challenges for industry giants such as ANZ, ING, HP, Mad Mex, and Zurich, Kathy now leads her own business.

Focused on crafting distinctive business growth and sales strategies, she has partnered with notable thought leaders like Heidi Dening, Dr. Jodi Richardson, and Dr. Kristy Goodwin, helping them achieve unparalleled success in their fields. Kathy is not only a published author but also an emcee and a mentor for the Women's Business School, showcasing her commitment to empowering women in business. Her expertise is highly sought after, reflected in her role as a judge for the B&T Awards, frequent appearances as a keynote speaker, and dedication as an Ambassador for The Cancer Council NSW.

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