#64: Q&A – What is the best way to get more sales calls booked?

"I want this process...all of it was really good"

It's FAQ time!

Heather chats about how to automate your sales process and scale your service-based business. She shares insights from a strategy call and discusses the importance of nurture sequences, client case stories, and optimizing ads. 

3 key takeaways:

1️⃣ Automating your sales process

2️⃣ The power of video ads

3️⃣ Crafting effective nurture sequences 

Tune in now and learn how to streamline your sales process and maximize your business's potential.

Episode at a glance…

[00:00:31] Automating the sales process.
[00:06:15] The paid call process.
[00:09:17] Implementing video case stories.

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