#62: 10 things I have learned as a speaker

"I am now a speaker myself and I never thought I would be one ever"

Heather dives into the art of crafting a presentation that will truly impress your audience. Whether you're a seasoned speaker or just looking to improve your communication skills in business, these tips and insights will help you captivate and engage your listeners. 

Top three takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣ Leave them on a high

2️⃣ Utilise storytelling and metaphors

3️⃣ Manage the audience's energy

Don't miss out on this episode that will take your speaking skills to the next level!

Episode at a glance.. 

[00:00:27] Previous experience in event management.
[00:06:31] Organizing a massive hair awards event.
[00:07:25] Taking care of your team.
[00:11:08] Manage the audience's energy.
[00:16:30] Leave people on a high.

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