#106: How I am preparing for 3 weeks overseas (and where I am going)

"We have a ridiculous wake up call"

In this episode, Heather shares her plans for a three-week trip to London and Greece and discusses how she is preparing to be away from her business. She emphasizes the importance of being realistic about what can be accomplished, moving proactive business activities to after the trip, planning and booking important things in advance, finding the best way to communicate with the team, and not feeling guilty about taking time off. Heather encourages listeners to prioritize self-care and create beautiful moments in their lives.



  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish while you're away.
  • Move proactive business activities to after the trip.
  • Plan and book important things in advance to save mental energy.
  • Find the best way to communicate with your team while you're away.
  • Don't feel guilty about taking time off and prioritize self-care.


At a glance…

05:22 Being Realistic and Managing Tasks
07:41 Planning and Booking in Advance
09:34 Effective Communication with the Team
11:01 Embracing Time Off and Self-Care

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