#105: Dr Nici Sweaney: The AI strategy you’ve been waiting for by The Founder of AI Her Way

"Those are the things that AI can do and are probably going to be quite good at"

Dr. Nici Sweaney discusses the benefits of AI-powered automation in business and the importance of women's involvement in AI. She introduces her AI Powered Business Academy (AIPBA) and explains how it helps business owners and their teams learn and implement automation strategies. Nici also shares her insights on the future of AI-generated content and the role of human expression in distinguishing it from reality. She emphasizes the need for women to embrace AI and be part of shaping its development for social good.



  • AI can automate repetitive tasks and provide basic advice and strategy in business.
  • AI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can be used to automate lead generation, social media content, and research.
  • AI can optimize business operations and free up time for higher-order thinking and problem-solving.
  • Nici's business, AI Her Way, teaches women how to use AI to delegate tasks and improve productivity.
  • Nici also trains virtual assistants and coordinators to use AI tools in their work. AI-powered automation tools can help businesses save time and increase efficiency
  • Business owners can empower their teams to learn and implement automation strategies
  • AI-generated content is improving, but human expression and storytelling are still important for authenticity
  • Women's involvement in AI is crucial for addressing bias, ethics, and creating a better future
  • Nici Sweaney's AI Her Way offers an AI-Powered Business Academy and consultancy services to help businesses leverage automation


At a glance…

06:06 Automating Lead Generation with AI
10:43 Using AI to Conduct Research
21:48 The future of AI-generated content and human expression
30:09 Women in AI: Shaping the future for social good



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About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion ep 105 Nici Sweaney

Dr Nici Sweaney is an experienced academic and data science professional with nearly 20 years working in Australian Universities and consulting for global organisations like the UN and World Bank. 

She is recognising the gender gap in generative AI era, she launched Ai Her Way, an AI consultancy firm guiding female-founded businesses on ethical, "AI-first" practices to improve operational efficiency and gender equality.

Nici is dedicated to making AI an accessible tool for positive change, through consulting, teaching, workshops, and speaking engagements that share her expertise in responsible AI deployment.

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