#104: 4 Ideas to Build Your Community

"How do you welcome people in?"

Heather shares her takeaways from speaking at the Travel Trend Summit in Australia. She emphasizes the importance of catering to your market, building a strong community, focusing on a niche, and incorporating elements of surprise. Heather provides examples of how these strategies were implemented at the summit, such as using specific stories and examples for the travel professional audience, creating a private podcast and Facebook group for attendees, and organizing surprise experiences like mermaids and flash mobs. She encourages listeners to bring more fun into their businesses and stay connected with their communities.



  • Cater your talk or content to your specific market or audience.
  • Focus on building a strong community and provide excellent onboarding experiences.
  • Identify and serve a niche market to better support their specific needs.
  • Incorporate elements of surprise to create memorable experiences for your customers and team.


At a glance…

00:00 Introduction to the Travel Trend Summit
01:25 Catering to Your Market
04:50 The Power of Niche
05:19 Creating Memorable Experiences
09:09 Conclusion and Future Guests


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