#101: Jenny Stilwell: How to be one of the 7% of companies to grow beyond $2M in turnover

"Always look at the numbers first because the numbers tell the story"

In this conversation, Jenny Stilwell shares her expertise in helping businesses overcome overwhelm and achieve growth. She emphasizes the importance of focus, particularly on ideal clients and best-fit marketing strategies. Jenny also highlights the significance of building and maintaining relationships in business. She discusses her professional journey, including her experience as a CEO and her current role as a consultant. Jenny introduces her book, 'The 7% Club,' which explores the challenges faced by businesses aiming to grow beyond two million in turnover. She provides insights into her approach with clients, focusing on improving cash flow and simplifying processes. 



  • Focus on your ideal clients and best-fit marketing strategies to overcome overwhelm and achieve growth.
  • Building and maintaining relationships is crucial for business success.
  • Improving cash flow and simplifying processes are key steps in business growth.
  • Strive for freedom, choice, and a better life as you progress in your business journey.


At a glance…

00:36 Tangible Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm and Stress
04:19 The Importance of Relationships
07:18 Jenny's Professional Journey
09:21 The 7% Club
13:33 Helping Clients Reach the Next Level of Growth
16:14 Steps to Take with Clients
22:18 The Difference Between Low Seven Figures and Close to 10 Million
24:48 The Role of Simplification in Business Growth
27:14 Future Plans for Jenny's Business
29:04 Ideal Clients and Where to Learn More


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About the Guest

The hustle rebellion Jenny Stilwell

Jenny Stilwell is a Strategy Advisor and Business Mentor, and provides strategic advice to help business owners upscale from 7 to 8 figures in a manageable and profitable way.

She has had CEO roles running others companies, including running a publicly listed company, and has grown several of her own consulting practices. She is the author of The 7% Club: how to be one of the 7% of businesses that make it beyond $2M in turnover.

Jenny helps her clients focus on people, structure, strategy and shifting the owner's role from being immersed in day-to-day operations, to that of a more strategic CEO. Her clients are able to build valuable businesses with strong foundations, a capable team and profitable results, which in turn enables them to have a better life.

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