"The best investment to my business that I ever have in my 14 years of business"

I booked into Heather’s Advanced Social Media Bootcamp at the Melbourne Beauty Expo to improve on my social media marketing skills which I thought were already pretty good. But in doing so, I am certain that I made the best investment to my business that I ever have in my 14 years of business.

I traveled from interstate to attend this workshop and would do the trip again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose. This woman had so much to share, teach and guide me on that the time I spent with her was simply invaluable & worth every dollar. Within just a short amount of time she showed me proven ways to deliver my message to the right audience more efficiently, effectively, with better value for my money & in ways I never knew was possible using social media tools I never even knew existed.

This is a class that every business owner needs to attend without a doubt! If I knew about the things I know now, I would have saved thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing efforts, not wasted my time & energy and have had every goal ticked with so much less stress & in less time. This is the course that will take your business to the next level and I’m so excited about where the future will take me now that I know how to steer it.

Aleksandra Pinneri
Aleksandra Pinneri, Director, Unveil the Beauty