How to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Is your website not getting you the leads and sales you want?

Maybe it’s time to revisit your CTAs. Yep, your “call to actions”.

Start by:

  • Making sure your CTAs are visible and easily clickable. Buttons are best followed by icons or images.
  • You should only have 1 or 2 primary CTAs per page.

Here's where to put them:

#1: Put them in your top menu - like call us, get a quote, book online.

#2: Put one in the top area of your home page. You can use 2 here if you want – like “book now”, “start here” or “Get free course”

#3: Put them throughout all of your main pages, like your about page showcasing your services, a book now on your services pages or a buy now on your product pages.

#4: Put them throughout your blog articles.

#5: Put them in your footer are of your site.

One last tip – don’t let anyone scroll too far without seeing a CTA. They should not have to search for what to do next.

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