#116: Big News! Our podcast is changing

"I'm ready to double down on that and really kind of restructure some of what we're doing in our business."

In this episode, Heather shares some big news about the future of the podcast. After running it for over a year, she is making some exciting changes to focus on her business and upcoming events.

She discusses how insights from past guests have inspired her to restructure her business, Website Love, to deliver even better results for her clients. As a result, she will be shifting to a once-a-week podcast release schedule to allow for more focus on business growth and balance in her life.

Thank you for your amazing support over the past year.


At a glance…

00:00:27 - Business Plans for the Next Six Months
00:00:38 - Upcoming Events and Webinars
00:01:10 Restructuring for Business Growth.
00:03:08 - Creating a Business That Fits Your Lifestyle

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