Episode 116 Transcript

Heather (00:05.606)

Hello, you guys. Welcome to episode 116 and I have big news for you. Well, not huge, but I'm changing this podcast just a little. I've been running it now for over a year. Thank you, you guys, by the way, for your amazing support all over the world. I am like seriously grateful to you. And I am going to do some work on my business over the next six months for the second half of this year, essentially.


I have big plans. I am running an event. I am doing webinars online. I'm restructuring our service offering. Why? Because of a lot of the things that I've learned from my guests on this show, but also in general, it's something that I've been wanting to do. We're going more exclusive because we are getting incredible results for our clients in my business, Website Love. And we can only do that with a very specific formula.


and the right type of client. So now that I know this and I've seen how we can literally make life -changing movements and I guess change in people's businesses, I'm ready to double down on that and really kind of restructure some of what we're doing in our business. And it's really exciting. However, it's gonna affect the podcast just a little bit. I'm not gonna release an episode two times a week. I'm just gonna do it one times a week.


I got to practice what I preach, right? Like if I'm going to be restructuring systems and working with my team and like really revamping my website and everything, I've got to make sure that I can focus on that and have balance in my own life as well, because that's really, really important for me. So once a week, we are doing a podcast episode and we are still going to alternate it between.


the content that you get from me where I tell you sort of BTS of my own personal life, my behind the scenes, when I'm working on all of that sort of stuff, that is definitely still going to happen. And then we'll alternate with an amazing interview from an amazing guest. Now, recently, you guys who have been listening for a while, you know, I've been traveling a bit. So I was over in the Philippines and then I was at a conference in the Gold Coast in Australia.


Heather (02:26.726)

and then I was overseas in London and I went to Greece as well for a bit of a holiday and I've just gotten back. And through those travels, specifically in the Philippines and the Gold Coast, I met some incredible experts. And so I literally have mapped out the rest of the year for interviews that are going to blow you away with what some of these guys are gonna share. So that's all to come as well. So I guess this episode is just a really quick little check -in.


and a reminder for you to check in with you and your business. You can always pull back. You can always change your offer. You can always look at what's gonna be a good business for you and your lifestyle and what you want. And that is what I must now create for me in my business. Focus, double down, look at my next phase and where I'm headed. So one episode a week it is. And you guys, thank you so much for your.


for your support over this amazing first year or so. It's been absolutely amazing. And I'm really excited to bring you more amazing content once a week. Talk to you soon. Bye bye.