#9: Cate Kemp: Redesign your business around your value and purpose

"Let it Burn"

Are you familiar with Cate Kemp, the cloud-based financial services expert? If you're looking to optimize your financial operations and grow your business, she has the expertise you need. 

She is a pro when it comes to knowing what to work on (and not work on) if you want business growth.

Here’s how Kate fights the hustle:

  • By reducing distractions
  • By remembering we all have the power to choose
  • By being able to let go of things that are not really needed
  • By staying focused on productive tasks


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:03:01] Choose not to hustle.
[00:03:38] Prioritising by "letting it burn".
[00:06:47] Hiring and Managing Tips.
[00:10:15] Process improvement through questioning.
[00:14:21] Business value vs efficiency.
[00:17:50] Overcoming business overwhelm.
[00:20:41] Communicate under pressure.
[00:24:43] The power of choice.


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About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Cate Kemp

Cate’s career history started in hospitality and then financial services management.

However, after starting her family, (totally on purpose) she fell into, and then grew her own bookkeeping practice.... then she met 'cloud' and her business changed. It is now exclusively cloud based and offers managed service (full financial operations) to small businesses Australia wide.

Cate works with different software vendors, is a member of the ATO's BAS Agent Advisory Group, and works with hundreds of small business, including bookkeepers, to improve their overall financial operating performance.

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