#16: How to be more present (especially when you are stressed)

"I was stressing, I already been in Australia 6 months...."

Do you ever find it difficult to stay present with the people around you? Especially during the times when you are overwhelmed?

I remember when I first moved to Australia from the States. I was beyond stressed waiting for my visa to come through and finding it difficult to focus…until someone shared an incredible model for staying present.

  • Picture a 4 leaf clover flattened out on a table with a leaf at the top, bottom, left and right
  • Symbolically, most people focus on one of the leaves during a time of overwhelm.  To be present we want to aim to be in the middle where all 4 leaves cross.  
  • The leaf on the left is worrying about things in the past
  • The leaf on the top is worrying what will I say next
  • The leaf on the button is worrying what they think about you 
  • The leaf on the right is worrying about the future

The aim is to stay centred in the middle of the leaves where your thoughts don’t stray to anything but the current moment.

I hope it helps you as much as it has for me.


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:03:06] Model for dealing with stress. 

[00:03:47] How to be present with others.


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:03:06] Model for dealing with stress.
[00:03:47] Being present with others.
[00:07:39] Being present for others.

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