#118: They only used 34% of their ad budget! Peak inside a winning marketing funnel

"He had a 14 x return on ad spend. So he basically made $24 ,000 in revenue"

In this episode, Heather talks about her experience helping a business owner named Pete with his marketing funnel. Pete runs a business called Veteran Community Business Chamber (VCBC), which supports entrepreneurship and small businesses within the military community. Heather explains the process they went through to create a landing page, write copy, and create video ads for Pete's business. She also discusses the importance of systems and testing in growing a business.



  • Systems and teams are crucial for business success.
  • A well-designed marketing funnel can generate leads and revenue.
  • Copywriting and video ads are important components of a marketing campaign.
  • Testing different strategies and offers is essential for long-term growth.


At a glance…

03:00 Results and Promotion of VCBC
04:27 Creating a Landing Page and Copywriting
06:18 Video Ads and Targeting
09:40 Testing Different Entry Points


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