#115: Chris Catania: Why being a community led leader will support you in business growth

"You want to build your community where your audience is at"

In this conversation, Heather interviews Chris Catania, a community building expert, about the importance of community in business. They discuss the three key elements of community building: being community-led, creating shared value, and thinking long-term. Chris emphasizes the need for leaders to integrate community into their mindset and involve their staff and customers in the community-building process. He also highlights the importance of choosing the right platform for community engagement and avoiding reliance on social media platforms. Chris offers his expertise to leaders who are interested in building and sustaining communities in their businesses.



  • Being community-led and integrating community into the business mindset is crucial for success.
  • Creating shared value for both staff and customers is essential in community building.
  • Choosing the right platform and avoiding reliance on social media is important for long-term community sustainability.
  • Community building is a journey and requires experimentation and exploration.
  • Leaders should seek support and guidance from other community-driven leaders.


At a glance…

09:14 Starting a Community and Choosing the Right Platform
25:13 Shifting to a Community-Led Mindset
29:06 The Advantages of Community in Business
35:39 Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Chris' Links:

  • Website
  • Linkedin 
  • Resource - Check out Chris' book email list. Listeners can text: COMMUNITY FIRST to 33777 to get more info and a free download assessment. 

About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Chris Catania

Chris is an award-winning enterprise community builder, futurist and workplace collaboration expert. For more than 20 years, he has helped organizations leverage the power of community and collaboration to deepen trust, increase loyalty, build better products, drive engagement, save millions in costs and grow top-line revenue.

As a speaker, advisor and strategist, Chris has helped organizations transform disengaged customers into loyal and passionate brand advocates. He has led companies to create a digital workplace that connects and builds strong employee relationships and networks. Currently, Chris is Head of Community at Esri. He speaks, advises and leads workshops to empower leaders to leverage community as a strategic asset in the workplace and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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