#114: A behind the scenes of my new content marketing package

"We did keyword research ... We used a lot of hooks and headlines ... And then we filmed all that content."

Heather discusses her recent work in content marketing for various businesses, including accountants, plastic surgeons, physios, and restaurants. She explains how she helps these businesses create engaging and effective video content for their websites, social media, and marketing funnels. Heather emphasizes the importance of great content for successful advertising and email marketing. She also encourages listeners to find projects in their businesses that they enjoy and to focus their time and energy on those areas.



  • Content marketing is crucial for successful advertising and email marketing.
  • Creating engaging and effective video content is essential for businesses.
  • Finding projects in your business that you enjoy can fuel your passion and success.
  • Outsourcing or building systems and automations can free up time for tasks you don't enjoy.


At a glance…

00:00 Introduction and Exciting Projects
01:22 The Importance of Content Marketing
09:18 Coaching and On-Site Shoots
11:39 Finding Joy in Your Business

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