#113: Emmy Award winner Chris Do’s lessons on having the freedom to do what you want

"What would the future look like if we didn't take on client work anymore? Can we make this a reality?"

In this conversation, Chris Do discusses tactics for growing brands and businesses smarter, while avoiding overwhelm and hustle culture. He shares his personal tips and experiences, including setting boundaries with clients, prioritizing sustainable work practices, and finding freedom in his career. 

Chris also reflects on mistakes he made in his earlier years and the importance of having a business coach. He shares some of the most profound lessons he has learned from his mentor. One key lesson is the importance of saying what you think and being honest in communication. 

Chris shares a story of how his straightforward approach won him a high-paying logo design project. He also emphasizes the importance of charging what you're worth to attract better clients. Chris discusses his coaching community, The Future, which aims to support 1 billion people in doing what they love.



  • Work smart and prioritize sustainable work practices to avoid overwhelm and burnout.
  • Set boundaries with clients and prioritize projects that align with your values and goals.
  • Find freedom in your career by aligning your work with your passions and purpose.
  • Reflect on past mistakes and learn from them to improve future decision-making.
  • Consider working with a business coach to gain valuable insights and guidance. Say what you think and be honest in communication to build trust and strong relationships with clients.
  • Let go of stressful ideas and be a direct communicator to win trust and respect from clients.
  • Charge what you're worth to attract better clients who value your work and are willing to pay for it.
  • Join coaching communities like The Future to receive guidance and support in pursuing your passion and making a living doing what you love.


At a glance…

09:04 Finding Freedom in Your Career
14:30 Learning from Mistakes
21:10 Letting Go of Stress and Being a Direct Communicator
25:56 Charging What You're Worth to Attract Better Clients
31:12 Joining The Future: A Coaching Community for Pursuing Your Passion


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About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Chris Do

Chris Do is an Emmy award-winning designer, director, CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind and the founder of The Futur—an online education platform with the mission of teaching 1 billion people how to make a living doing what they love.

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