#111: Leanne Woff: Why you need an Online Business Manager to grow an Audacious Empire

"How can we keep things the same and leverage what we already have..."

Leanne Woff, founder of Audacious Empires, shares three tips for business growth: systems thinking, getting clear on priorities and capacity, and radical proactivity. She emphasizes the importance of viewing the business as a whole system and leveraging existing resources. Leanne also highlights the need for clear roles and documented processes within a team to improve efficiency.

She offers OBM Academy for business managers and contractors to upskill and learn how to provide better support to CEOs and visionaries. Leanne's ideal clients are empire builders who want to scale their impact and make a difference in the world.



  • View your business as a whole system and leverage existing resources
  • Get clear on your priorities and capacity to avoid overwhelm
  • Be proactive in planning and anticipate potential issues
  • Invest in upskilling and training to provide better support to CEOs and visionaries
  • Empire builders can make a significant impact and scale their businesses


At a glance…

00:00 Introduction and Three Tips for Business Growth
02:50 Efficiency through Systems Thinking
03:04 Priorities and Capacity: Keys to Avoiding Overwhelm
06:56 Radical Proactivity: Planning for Success
15:14 Upskilling for Better Business Support
25:00 Efficient Communication and Project Management
30:04 Sharing Knowledge and Making an Impact
33:01 Final Thoughts and Inspiration

About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Leanne Woff

Leanne Woff is an award-winning Online Business Manager and Integrator, an OBM Coach and the driving force behind the powerhouse operations, systems & growth agency – Audacious Empires. She's also a people-loving, coffee spilling, mum, wife and *incredible* sister (just in case you were curious).

Leanne and her team have quickly become known as the empire builder’s secret weapon, delivering and implementing advanced & cutting edge business strategies and systems for their clients to achieve next-level growth & operations excellence. 

Leanne's on a mission to, not only, transform the way online businesses are run but to support the growth, skills upgrade and earning potential of OBMs and the industry as a whole.

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