#11: Michael Chan: From a $250 cost per conversion to $50 in Facebook Ads

"What do the numbers actually tell you"

Learn how Michael Chan, CEO of The Mathologists, has seen tremendous success with his Facebook ads using conversion rate optimization. 

He decreased his cost per landing page view from $3.36 to $1.08 and his cost to get a sales call went from $250 to only $50 to talk to a qualified lead!

Plus hear how Michael de-stresses as he runs a rapidly growing business.

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:00:00] Cost per Landing Page View.
[00:06:27] Specialization in business.
[00:08:55] Marketing for Small Businesses.
[00:10:27] Undermining the power of marketing.
[00:13:32] The first round of ads.
[00:17:28] Conversion rate optimization.
[00:20:23] Cost per lead difference.
[00:23:18] Omnipresent Marketing Strategy.
[00:26:01] How using the dynamic creative setting improved results.
[00:29:02] Building a joyful business.
[00:32:13] How to best deal with stress.
[00:35:47] Marketing and business growth tips.


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About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Michael Chan

Meet Michael Chan, an entrepreneur and education enthusiast who has been making waves since his high school days. At just 15 years old, he founded a non-profit organisation that aimed to connect industry professionals with senior students to expand their career opportunities. Michael organised seminars with over 150 attendees at the University of Sydney and led volunteering trips to Cambodia, where he taught English and math to primary school students.

After graduating, Michael continued his passion for education by tutoring students. Within just two years, he became the CEO of a local tutoring business. Later on, he co-founded 'The Mathologists,' previously known as 'MANA Education,' which is a tutoring company specialising in high school mathematics based in Parramatta.

Michael's dedication to education has earned him recognition in the industry, and his innovative approach to tutoring has helped countless students excel in mathematics.

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