#10: Who you need on your digital marketing team

"There were no results directly tied for what they were working on"

I was having a chat with a client the other day who was frustrated with one of their VAs.

He said... “She is not fixing my website the way I want, it does not look right,  I am not getting good written content either, so many mistakes are being made.  The quality is not being looked after or checked.  I am not getting any advice or recommendations for what to do next.”

I said... What is your VA trained to do?  Is she a website developer?  A website designer? A copywriter?  A strategist? Because normally that is 2-3 jobs and if you can find someone that does it all, then you have yourself a unicorn.

In that moment it was like the penny dropped - he was expecting inexpensive labour to be everything instead of understanding the individual role of his VA and then developing systems for her and playing to her strengths.

In this episode learn why you need a minimum of these roles to build a strong online presence:

  • Strategist
  • Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Developer
  • Project Manager/Coordinator
  • Customer Service/Engagement

Tune in for valuable tips on building a successful team so the work they do for you delivers results.


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:01:39] The right way to work with a Virtual Assistant.
[00:05:24] Why you need an online marketing strategist.
[00:09:56] Other important digital team roles.
[00:13:01] Is it time to upskill your team?


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