Should I use alt text?

Are you using alt-text yet?

It’s everywhere online. It’s on website photos and on social media posts.

So what is it?

The purpose of alt text is to describe what an image is all about. It helps those who can’t see what the image is still know what you’re posting about.

Plus it helps with SEO when used on your website photos so Google can tell what your photos are about.

There are a couple of situations when the alt text is shown instead of a picture:

  • When the Internet is too slow to load
  • On browsers for the visually impaired or a special screen reader that tells you what is on the image

Here’s some tips on how to write them:

  • Keep them 125 characters or less
  • Describe the image as specifically as you can
  • Focus on what you want people to remember
  • Your alt text should include relevant keywords

Here’s how you create them:

  • When you upload any new posts to Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn you can add your alt-text
  • When you add photos on your website you can include alt-text
  • You can also edit past posts or images to include this

You don’t have to go back and edit all of your posts or website photos. But I recommend you edit your most popular ones.

Then going ahead make it part of your posting routine.