How to write blog posts for SEO

You’re busy and don’t want to waste time creating content for your website that won’t grow your business, right? Find out what’s best when it comes to the length and content of your blog posts.

Why blog in the first place?

  • It keeps your site updated with fresh content which Google likes
  • It helps you create content for your newsletter and social media posts
  • It shows potential clients that you have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your industry and allows them to “try before they buy” by learning from you first.

How long should your blog articles be?

  • A minimum of 300 words, but over 1,000 ranks best in search engines.
  • According to Forbes posts with over 1,500 words are 68% more likely to be shared on Twitter and 22% more likely to be liked on Facebook, compared to shorter posts.
  • And Medium says 1,600 words (or a 7 min read time) is optimal

Still want to have really short posts? Go for it - just don't expect them to get shared as much or even rank in Google.

How often should you post?

  • The more often the better but if you can write at least 1 substantial post per month with SEO in mind then that is ideal.

And what about the structure? What should you keep in mind?

  • For Google make sure it is optimised for a target keyword
  • For readers, make sure your post is easily scannable and hooks them from the start.
  • Use bullet points and multiple headlines throughout.
  • Break up your content with images


Do you need training on how to do keyword research, what to write and how to layout your blog posts?

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