How to Create a Facebook Ad

Welcome to your ads set up training.  The videos below have been broken into 3 steps.

Step 1 shows you how Business Manager works and how to get your Facebook pixel to your web team.
Step 2 shows you how to set up the different audiences you need.
Step 3 shows you how to set up an ad.

STEP 1: Business Manager Overview and Setting Up Pixels

Need more info on how to use Business Manager? 
You can access Facebook's "how tos" here and here.
(you must be logged into Facebook to access this page)

STEP 2: Set Up Audiences in Your Business Manager

NOTE: You might see a slightly different layout on your screen than what is in the video.  For example, you might not see "engagement" as an option under the custom audience choice.  If you don't then just look for the engagement audiences on the main custom audiences pop up. Facebook is in the process of streamlining things and removing extra steps.

STEP 3: How to Set Up an Ad

CLICK HERE to download some bonus slides with more ad ideas.

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