#8: What you focus on grows

"I suddenly was sitting there going OH NO"

Have you ever been guilty of being slack in your business on the things you help do for others?

Heather realized this recently when considering signing up for a mastermind group.  She was asked questions that she could easily answer for some of her clients, but when it came to her own business, she realized she needed to pay more attention to her numbers.

After all, what you focus on grows right?

Here’s the 3 dashboards she uses to keep track on what is happening in her business:

1) Marketing - where we check things like where our traffic is coming from, the conversions we get and their CPA

2) Sales - where we stay up to date with our sales pipeline with our sales team and can easily see and how many sales we got each month

3) Expenses - where we can see if it is time to cancel an ongoing subscription or revisit how long it is taking the team to work on certain projects 

Think for a moment about what you want to grow.  You might need to invest time and attention to those things.


Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:02:28] Why financial intelligence is important.
[00:03:53] What marketing dashboards we use.
[00:08:51] What you focus on grows.


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