#61: Darren Stephens: Growth secrets from the man who helps top CEOs, celebs & athletes

"How can I help this person gain more things out of life...I am giving first"

Heather heard about Darren through one of her networking groups.  

She found out he coached Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, on improving his stage selling skills.  She was impressed because she has been following Russell and the growth of his business for years.

Not only did Darren help Russell to increase his conversions at the ClickFunnels Live event - he sold 1.3 million US dollars in just 90 minutes! - he has helped so many others create amazing results.

Learn about the power of speaking, events and other creative ways to grow your business through some great case studies.


Episode at a glance..

[00:01:32] Selling from stage successfully.
[00:03:35] High-ticket application process.
[00:08:20] Handling overwhelm and staying focused.
[00:11:01] Opportunity Cost.
[00:14:39] Building a brand reputation.
[00:19:32] PR and traditional marketing.
[00:23:00] The power of events.
[00:26:31] Little tweaks that made a difference.
[00:30:49] A free book offer.
[00:33:30] The power of events and community.

About the Guest

The Hustle Rebellion Darren Stephens

Darren is a 6 x international bestselling author, entrepreneur and business growth strategist. He is the CEO of Successful Growth Strategies, an Award-winning world-class sales, marketing and business consulting agency. 

Over the past 25 years Darren through his consulting, international speaking events, marketing systems and psychological work has transformed the lives of millions of people from all walks of life, from fortune 500 CEO's to celebrities, presidents, members of royalty, authors, speakers and elite sports athletes and champions.

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