#117: What Kim Lavender has learned as an archer on her way to the Olympics

"I think it's all the small little things that kind of build up and you're kind of still testing the waters"

#117: What Kim Lavender has learned as an archer on her way to the Olympics

In this conversation, Heather interviews Kim, an archer preparing for the Olympics. They discuss Kim's journey in archery, her training schedule, and the challenges she faces. Kim shares mindset tips, including visualization and finding moments to switch off. She emphasizes the importance of self-belief and trusting oneself. Kim also talks about the support team she has, including her family and partner.

They discuss the process of qualifying for the Olympics and the upcoming competitions. Kim shares her rituals, such as spending time in nature and practicing meditation. She emphasizes the need for confidence, self-belief, and prioritization in both sports and business.



  • Visualization and positive thinking are powerful tools for maintaining a positive mindset and achieving goals.
  • Having a support team and finding the right people to provide different types of support is crucial.
  • Self-belief and trusting oneself are key to success in any endeavor.
  • Qualifying for the Olympics involves earning quota spots for the country and then competing for individual or team spots.
  • Rituals, such as spending time in nature and practicing meditation, can help with mental clarity and relaxation.
  • Digital marketing offers the advantage of traceability and targeted advertising, allowing for precise audience reach and measurable results.
  • Making incremental improvements and testing different strategies are key to success in digital marketing.


At a glance… 

03:04 Starting Archery and Late Bloomers
05:59 Deciding to Aim for the Olympics
08:03 Qualifying for the Olympics
14:01 Mindset Tips for Success
21:01 Rituals for Mental Clarity and Relaxation

About the Guest

Kim Lavender

Kim is a seasoned digital marketing and communication specialist with a strong background in crafting engaging content and managing digital platforms. Known for managing successful campaigns, Kim's expertise includes audience-centric content creation, social media management, and data-driven analytics.

Beyond the digital realm, Kim is also an elite archery athlete at the NSW Institute of Sport with aspirations for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Kim's commitment to hitting the target makes her the perfect choice to assist you in reaching your digital marketing goals.

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