The #1 thing to master when running Facebook ads

Have you ever run Facebook ads online and felt frustrated because they don’t work as fast as you had hoped?

You see, many people hope for an immediate return on their investment. They test different text, headlines, landing pages, images, videos, offers, etc. They get hung up in the tactics and think they need to master all of this.

And yes, all of that is important. But above all, before you start spending money on ads you need to understand one thing.

The #1 thing you need to focus on is your mindset.

When you run ads, you are entering a marathon and not a sprint. Sure you might be able to get a quick wins or beginners luck, but ultimately it is something you want to stick with.

As someone who has run ads online since around 2011, I have seen those who get the greatest success are those who stay with it.

These 2 core concepts are key for long-term marketing success:

#1: The Rule of 7

In marketing there is something called the “Rule of 7”. It states that it takes approx. 7 touch points or times someone hears about your business before they decide to buy.

That means if the first time they hear about you is with an ad, they are probably not going to buy. They will need to see more overtime.

#2: Brand Awareness

The people who see your ads might not even want what you offer (yet).

As a result of running ads you might instead get referrals from them, or at least you will remain front of mind so when someone is ready to buy they remember you first, especially if your ads have also provided value.

So if you are struggling to get results with your ads, remember it can take time.

Remember the importance of warming people up to your brand and what you offer because it can take time for someone to choose to become a customer of yours.

You’ve got this!