How to get good testimonials for your website

Social proof is one of the most powerful things you can use to sell things.


Because when we see others raving about something, we start to consider that it can work for us too.

Third party endorsements, or testimonials, are often the key to getting someone to say “yes” to what you sell.

Use this formula when asking for testimonials:

Just send the following questions to your clients as a prompt:

  1. What is the main reason you decided to purchase what I sell?
  2. What is your favourite thing about your purchase?
  3. How has your life (or business) changed specifically since you started using your purchase?
  4. Would you recommend this to someone else, and if so, what exactly would you say?

You can then edit their answers together into something that flows.

Sometimes I like to edit it and show it to them for final approval.

asking for testimonials
good testimonials

Here are a few more ideas to help your testimonials shine:

  • Pull out the best phrase the person says and use that as a headline at the top of your testimonial on your website. You can also use these phrases in ads or on graphics.
  • List the person’s name and job title if you are B2B or a person’s title “i.e. mum of 4” if you are B2C.
  • If you are selling something sensitive like weight loss or therapy or certain types of coaching you might only want to use the person’s initials or first name.
  • When you can add in a photo of the person. Most people are happy for you to just use their photo from a social media profile if you ask, especially LinkedIn.
  • If you can get a couple of video testimonials, these are amazing for social media posts.

Now, grab the questions I shared and email your clients to see if you can get a few testimonials to add to your website.

Or, even better, build this into your sales process.