Why NOW is the time to build an email list

Are you building an email list from your WordPress website that you can use to market your business? If not, why not?

Here are some things to consider on why you need to use email marketing:

  • Facebook went down recently and at the time of me recording this, they are going through a massive rebranding. Who knows what will happen in the future with them and if they will be a reliable channel for marketing your business.
  • It’s getting harder to get engagement on social media for free to grow your business unless you have mastered being an influencer, using TikTok or being really active and consistent with posting on social – and let’s face it that can be hard
  • Ads are getting more expensive too. As Google ads, Youtube and social media ads become more mainstream their price goes up.
  • SEO is a good traffic strategy, but it takes time, can be expensive and has no guarantee that your website will show up on page 1 of Google for search results.

Now on to more uplifting things 🙂.

Did you know that email marketing gives you more ROI still than any other marketing channel?

So if all the other stuff is getting harder now is the time to focus on growing your email list.

When someone opts-in to get messages from you, you essentially “own” their contact info.

To grow your email list, make sure that you have opt-in forms on your website in these places:

  • On your home page
  • Your about page
  • Your footer
  • On your blog posts
  • Consider using a pop up
  • A landing page you send traffic to

And the best way to attract email sign ups?

Give away something amazing, and of value for free – in marketing a popular term for this is a lead magnet.

Have a look at your website now and check to see if you are collecting emails.

We have a free website audit to help make suggestions on what you can do to improve this.

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