Where to get great photos for your website

In a world where standing out online is getting more difficult, how can you make your website pop?

First of all, most people access your website now from their phone. In our client’s sites I have seen between 60-80% of people visiting their website from a phone.

So if that is the case, then images are now more important than ever because you have such a small space to work with.

There are 2 main places you can get images.

  • From stock photo libraries where you can either buy or get images for free that you have the rights to use
  • Take your own

For option 1:
There are loads of places you can go to download photos from free versions like Unsplash, to paid like Shutterstock or Stocksy. And there are loads more. Just Google stock photos.

These days I also like Canva a lot. Even though it is known more creating designs it also has a massive stock library and you can crop your photos and add filters and text all in one place.

For option 2:
This is my favourite. It means no one else will have the same photos as you.

And you can be really creative. Get lifestyle shots, you or your team working, interesting product shots and so on.

All you need is a great photographer. I recommend someone who specialises in a lifestyle photos and not corporate or headshots. And of course there is always your smart phone!

I want to leave you with 2 hacks:

#1: If you do need to use stock photos crop them in unique ways. Zoom in or out or rotate them in unique angles. I have done this loads of times where I crop out faces, zoom in on hands, etc.

#2: Use filters. You can do this in Canva or other photo editing tools. This means you can give all of your stock photos a similar look like they belong to a collection.

What’s your favourite place to get photos? Do you have any special hacks you or your team use?