What to say on social media to sell more

Do you sometimes find it challenging to talk about what you sell in your social media posts? If so you will love this copywriting formula.

Here's an easy 3 step formula to help get your ideal customer interested in what you have to sell.

It’s called the Problem, Agitate, Solution Formula.

And here’s how it works:

Answer these 3 questions and then combine them into one social media post.

  1. Problem: Ask a question or make a statement that connects with your customer’s problem.
  2. Agitate: Tell a story or connect deeper with their problem and show them you understand their situation.
  3. Solution: What are they meant to do to take a next step with you (sign up, call, email, read more, etc)

Here is an example of what a business selling chocolate gifts might do:

Are you trying to find a unique gift for your girlfriend? We know how hard it can be to find the perfect thing! That’s why we have put together our “love box” which not only has our top selling chocolates, but also has a custom love note that you can include. Imagine how special she will feel, when you turn up with our beautifully gift wrapped box! Just click the link below to buy online.

The next time you want to talk about what you sell on social media try the PAS formula. It works really well with ads too!