What do you put in a thank you page?

Are you building your email list from your website? If you are (and you should be), have you optimised your "thank you" page?

Your thank you page is where people are taken once they sign up for your freebie or newsletter.

It is some of the most important real estate on your website, because someone has just committed to getting more info from you.

After someone signs up, here’s what not to do:

  • Just deliver the freebie with nothing else
  • Write a bland “thanks for signing up” message

Here’s what to do instead:

  • Make your freebie available and then show your new subscriber what to do next directly underneath. This could be graphical junction boxes leading to your products or services. It could be links to your social media accounts or even links to other valuable resources. It could be a booking link to book in a call with you.
  • Or if you are selling something online – either products or info products – offer an OTO, or one time only offer. Share a “no brainer” valuable offer that people can only purchase from your thank you page.

Just don’t leave your new subscriber hanging when you worked so hard to get them!

What to do next?
Go sign up for your own lead magnets, freebies or newsletter on your website to test the experience. And make any changes you think are needed.