The easiest way to find your ideal customer avatar

Have you ever heard that in order to make your marketing work you need to know who your perfect client is?

Here's an easy way to uncover your ideal customer avatar, even if you feel you have more than 1, or want to help everyone.

Consider this…

If you can describe someone's problems better than they can, they will think you have the solution.

Instead of focusing on demographics, focus on finding people who want a very specific outcome.

Here are 3 questions to answer when getting clarity on who your ideal target market is:

  • What outcome does your business give people?
  • Do you help them achieve a desire?
  • Or do you help them solve a problem?

Now, talk about their problem or desire in your marketing.

See if you can describe it in the exact way they would tell their friends about it, or even their inner voice.

From there, explain how you specifically help them - with all of your training, knowledge and experience.

In other words how is your formula of what you do different?

Still struggling with this?

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