How to sell a course in a WordPress Website

Are you thinking about creating and selling a course on your website? If so, did you know you can easily do that if you have a WordPress website?

Have you heard of Kajabi? Or Thinkific or Teachable? Many people who have a WordPress website end up using those platforms to sell a course when they don’t need to.

Don’t get me wrong – they are great! But with a couple of add-ons to your website you can create exactly the same set up.

Here’s what you need sell a course in a WordPress website:

#1: You need an LMS (or Learning Management System plugin that houses your course materials.

I love, recommend and use one called Learndash. It is roughly $150 USD per year to buy this plugin.

Once installed you can create unlimited courses with modules that include lessons. You can add in videos, downloads, quizzes and more. Someone can even get an automated certificate when they complete a course.

Plus it comes with an add-on where you can sell your course to a team leader and they can buy “seats” for their team.

The team leader can see the progress of their team in the course.

#2: You need a way of taking payment.

I recommend installing Woocommerce, the free shopping cart for WordPress. You can charge a one time payment or get a Woocommerce add-on to accept payment plans or even ongoing payments if you want to offer a membership.

It will easily allow you to set up a product, which is your course, and sell it using any payment gateway of your choice like Paypal or Stripe.

#3: If you want to do fancier things like offering a membership you might also need a membership plugin where people get access to more than a course, like hidden pages of resources.

Feeling inspired to package and sell your expertise?

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