How can I get more done in my business?

Do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day, the month, or the year to ever get where you want to be in your business?

To help, there are a lot of resources out there about outsourcing and delegating. And I agree with them.

But there is something else that has proved more powerful to me.

Here's a little mindset hack that has helped me in my biggest moments of overwhelm...

Focus on the who, not the how.

If you get caught thinking you need to know how to do everything than it can hold you back from doing anything.

I’m not suggesting learning about the strategies to grow your business is wrong.

Instead I’m saying that thinking you need to know every detail before you move forward can hold you back.

When you want to start a new project ask yourself these questions:

  • Who can manage this project?
  • Who can carry out each step?
  • Which steps do I have to do?
  • Which steps can I give to someone else?

Once you get in that mindset, you might find that you have the momentum you need to find help.

By the way I am recording this for you, but I am not actually editing it, posting it on social media, or sending it out in my newsletter.

I have wanted to create content consistently for 2 years now. So finally I started focussing on the “who”, not the how. Thanks to John and Corrine for being my “who’s”.

I’ll leave you with one question. What projects are you being held back on, simply because you’re wondering how you will find time to learn how to do them?