5 steps to get more clicks from your emails

Did you know that when using emailing marketing it is your subject line that gets the opens, and your content that gets the clicks?

If you are not getting a lot of clicks from your marketing emails then maybe the flow of your emails is not right.

Here's 5 things you can do to get more clicks from your emails:

#1 – Create space

Instead of using paragraphs, try separate sentences. Mix up the length, including using a really short one in between longer ones.

This creates extra space that draws someone’s eyes down the page and makes your text easier to read.

Also, add in a photo or 2.

#2 – Use dynamic text

Use bolditalics and underline to break up the monotony of your copy and draw people’s attention to certain words you really want to highlight.

#3 - Use bullet points and numbered lists

This helps you provide something specific and tangible, and is an easy way of grouping core points you want to make about something.

For example it could be what is included in your latest ecourse.

#4 – Create links that stand out

Make your links in a different colour from your text and use interesting words.

Instead of linking “click here” for example, you could say “Book your free discovery call now!”

Also, test using buttons with different text.

#5 – Stay focussed

Keep your text short and get to the point. Don’t provide too many options or places for people to go from your links.

No more than 2 places is good, and 1 is even better. For example you could send someone to a page to learn more about an upcoming training you have, and the next link sends them straight to the checkout page.

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