3 ways to get more traffic to your blog

If you are creating ongoing articles or blog posts on your website and don’t think anyone sees them then check this out!

3 hacks to get more traffic to your blog:

#1 - Make sure someone wants it before you create it.

Do keyword research using a tool like Ubersuggest (it’s free). It will tell you what people are typing into Google and how many are searching for that phrase each month, so you know if there is enough interest.If that tool seems a little complicated then check out answerthepublic.com (it’s also free).You can also use the auto fill suggestions in Google and YouTube as a starting point.

#2 - Send traffic to your blog articles.

Once you have an article you know people want, send traffic to it.Try the following:

    • Facebook ads
    • Use a blog post as a “start here” resource you link to on your website or link to from your FAQs
    • Mention your best ones in the email nurture sequence people are entered into when they sign up to your email list
    • You could even try creating a contest, where if someone shares your blogs on social media, you do a random draw each month. There a cool tool to help called upviral.com
    • Don’t forget to send out your content in an ongoing newsletter

#3 - Do onsite SEO.

    • Try creating what is called a pillar post where you link to other smaller posts of yours that further explain a particular topic
    • Link all your articles to others on your site – make a keyword phrase the link instead of something like “click here”
    • Rename the photos in your posts from 123.jpg, for example, to a keyword phrase people would use in Google
    • Use a WordPress plugin to help optimise your posts for Google, such as Yoast SEO or the WordPress SEO Plugin by Rank Math.

Overall, just be more strategic with your articles and don't create content for content’s sake.