2 tools for more bookings on your website

Do you need more client bookings? There’s nothing worse than the “back and forth” emails to try and lock something in.

Have you thought about automating your bookings from your website?

For businesses in the beauty and wellness industries you probably already have something in place like Shortcuts or MindBody Online. For restaurants you might have something like OpenTable for example.

The tools I’m about to share are perfect for those of you who are consultants, in professional services or other service based businesses.

They are perfect for you if you want to book the following:

  • A discovery session
  • Coaching or training sessions
  • Appointments to visit your business, especially if you still have restrictions and social distancing
  • Booking in time with certain team members

The 2 tools I use and love are Calendly and OnceHub. You can use both for free.

First you link them with your calendar and can use:

  • Google
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • iCloud

You then block out times you are not available.

When someone goes to book, only the times you are free are displayed, as predetermined by you and any free spots you have not yet booked by others.

Here are some other cool things these tools can do:

  • Send automated reminder emails
  • A client can easily cancel or reschedule themselves
  • Embed the booking form directly on your own website
  • Install a Facebook pixel or Google Analytics code for tracking.
  • Link to multiple calendars for different team members.
  • Or even accept payment before someone can choose a time

If you want to get more bookings without the hassle of the back and forth I recommend trying once of these out.