1 Simple Tip to Sell More

Business owners who sell more of their products and services tend to use a certain technique consistently. Want to know what it is? It's using an offer!

So what is an offer?

It’s a way of packaging what you sell so there is a higher perceived value from your competitors and an overwhelming amount of value for the price.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you are a stylist. Instead of promoting a just a style session where you help someone put together some new outfits, promote a wardrobe makeover that includes:

  • a wardrobe audit
  • a body type analysis
  • a style analysis and colour check
  • personal shopping
  • styling the new purchases into outfits
  • photos of the outfit combos loaded into your phone’s gallery for easy access
  • follow up to see if there are any questions
  • tips for how to hang and display your new items

You get the idea right?

Here are some things to consider for what you sell:

  • Can you bundle or add in additional things to sell a package instead of an individual product or service
  • And for products, can you create a bestseller bundle or a curated pack of what someone needs based on their problems?

Also try adding in FOMO or urgency and scarcity with things like:

  • One time only offers
  • Seasonal offers
  • Free shipping for a certain amount of time
  • Only available to a certain number of people
  • Flash Sales

And when in doubt use this formula:
The Right Audience + the Right Promise + the Right Time = Offer You Can’t Refuse

Now it's your turn – is there something you sell that you can make more irresistible?